Supporting the transformation of agri-food companies in New Aquitaine, the Basque Country and Navarre

AGROTIC HUB aims to support the digital transformation of agribusinesses in Navarre, the Basque Country and New Aquitaine, through the creation of a cross-border resource hub that will bring the best innovative solutions to companies, especially SMEs.The different specialization of the agri-food sectors of the three regions will enrich the offer of digitization solutions that will be integrated into the Hub.

The best innovative digitization experiences and the best applied technologies

The project aims to highlight the best innovative digitization experiences and the best technologies applied in the various subsectors (livestock, fisheries, agriculture, processed vegetables, processed meat, processed dairy products, cereals, fruits, etc.) in order to disseminate them among the companies in these subsectors in the 3 regions and bring supply and demand closer together, as well as to identify new ICT applications that could provide solutions to common problems.

The project is structured in the following actions:

Situation diagnosis

Situation diagnosis on the level of digitization of the agri-food sector in the three regions and identification of common problems. The aim is to establish the degree of digitalization of the different subsectors, the main applications implemented, the most innovative technologies and the most common barriers and difficulties, and to develop a comparison with sectoral reports at a European Union level.

Good digitization practices

Inventory, dissemination and exchange of good digitization practices. The aim is to select the best applications and uses, based on proven experiences, and present them to user companies.

Project identification

Identification of projects to work together. The aim is to identify innovative digitization projects that respond to the common needs of certain sub-sectors, through the joint work of agri-food companies and ICTs companies in the Euroregion.